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PPA Executive Director Speaks Out Against Banning Online Poker

The Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance has given testimony to the Illinois Senate Executive Committee of the Illinois State Assembly in which he states why banning online poker is a bad thing, noting that bans often benefit criminal organizations.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas gave his testimony in which he said, "Prohibition will only play into the hands of the criminal element."

The executive went on to say that he felt regulation is good, as it would protect players and contribute money to the state's coffers, bringing in almost $200 million annually if the act is regulated.

During his testimony, Illinois State Senator John Cullerton has said that he is in support of some sort of online gambling legislation, and hoped to get something together, although getting any legislation through will likely be a tough sell.

"There's a lot of complications about how it affects the existing gaming industry," Cullerton said regarding online betting legislation difficulties. "That seems to be where the hang up might be right now."