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Poll: US Gamblers Opposed To Federal Online Betting Ban

The pro-online gaming lobbying group "Coalition for Consumer and Online Protections" has published a survey which shows that most Americans are against a federal online gambling ban.

The poll revealed that 75% of voters believe that states should be able to offer legal online betting to their own citizens, while 57% of those surveyed are opposed to any federal online betting ban. Almost 2/3 of those surveyed believe a federal ban would violate state rights.

22% of those surveyed support a federal online gambling ban.

The survey was conducted by the North Star Opinion firm, who asked 1,000 US voters, including 39 who were from New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, all of whom offer legal online betting.

Commenting on the poll CCOP Spokesperson Alison Harden Siciliano said, “The American public doesn’t want Congress to pass a sweeping ban of all online gaming. A nationwide ban would put more Americans at risk online, and allow the current overseas, black market gambling operations to thrive."

"Voters acknowledge that they may not personally engage in online gaming, but support the rights of other Americans to do so."

The poll is a direct contrast to similar polls put out by anti-online gambling groups such as Sheldon Adelson's Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, whose own poll showed support for online gambling bans.