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New Jersey Files Supreme Court Sportsbetting Challenge

The state of New Jersey has filed its case to legalize sportsbetting in its state with the US Supreme Court, hoping that the country's highest court will reverse lower court rulings that went against the Garden State.

New Jersey voters previously voted to legalize sportsbetting within its borders, but the law has been struck down twice by federal courts, who claim that the law violates the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which allows only four states the right to offer sportsbetting.

New Jersey's submission to the Supreme Court focuses on the following two questions:

  1. Does the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act usurp state authority, in violation of the 10th amendment?

  2. Does its granting permission to only four states to conduct sports betting violate the principal of equal sovereignty?

The federal government has ruled in the past that New Jersey could have legally offered sportsbetting in the past, but declined to take on the activity during a timeframe that allowed extra states to apply.

It is unknown whether or not the Supreme Court will take on the case, as not every case submitted is heard before the 9 judge panel. Cases are not often fully scheduled until June.