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eCOGRA Releases 10 Year Statistics

Internet betting standards and player protection firm eCOGRA has celebrated its tenth year in operation by releasing some statistics as to the services it had provided.

eCOGRA serves 220 accredited casinos, which include many of the largest betting brands in the world. Through its ten years in operations, eCOGRA has looked into 7,169 complaints. Of those, 1,775 were dismissed as invalid due to a lack of information or abusive complaints or claim submissions. 75% (5,394) of the cases were investigated by the group, with 2,492 of the cases being resolved in favor of the punter (46%).

Last year eCOGRA Director Tex Rees noted that the group investigated 943 complaints. 153 were thrown out, and 249 were resolved in favor of the player.

Commenting on the increase in claims Rees said, "What we are seeing now are an increasing number of bogus complaints from fraudulent players, who have become more sophisticated in their knowledge and tactics in trying to squeeze bonus and other advantages which were not due from operators."

"However, the operators have also become more savvy in the use of security and risk protection measures and have the advantage of new technologies which enable them to identify and counter fraudsters in most cases. The incidence of fraudulent player syndicates, ID and credit card fraud has increased, and with it the need for both operators and ourselves to be constantly on the alert."

Even with the large amounts of claim, Rees said that the stats show a low amount of complaints per operator, with an average of 3.18 complaints per year.

"Our monitored standards and other eCOGRA Generally Accepted Practices are stringent and demand consistent adherence and commitment from operators," Rees said. "Clearly that continues to pay off when it comes to player safety."

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