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74 Year Old Former Teacher Guilty For Stealing To Feed Poker Habit

A 74 year old former teacher from Dublin, Ireland was found guilty after he stole €135,000 from a restaurant he was working for as an accountant.

John Carlos was sentenced by the Dublin Criminal Court for forging checks between 2005-2008. He ended up stealing the money and funded his Paddy Power poker account using the stolen money. The fraud was discovered after Carlos' employer had external auditors conduct an investigation, which found numerous fraudulent checks as well as others that had been altered.

Carlos ended up admitting to the crimes by turning himself into his local police station, telling them that he stole the money and was in considerable debt due to his poker habit. He is now living on a pension of €200 per week, of which he pays €150 to his wife.

Carlos was ordered to submit to a probation evaluation and will be sentenced on June 5th.