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World Poker Tour Has Its Website Hacked

The World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League has had its website hacked, and the email addresses and passwords of 175,000 of the site's users have been put at risk.

The hacking was perpetrated by a user, whose name is available but Casino Listings will not publish. The hacker went to the Twittersphere to brag about his crime, saying: “Happy New Year to all y0 cr4ck3r5 & h4ck3r5 (46901 have the same password:sdf7asdf6asdg8df Default reset password?)."

The World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League website allows players to participate in live poker tournaments across the United States and United Kingdom, and does not actually allow for real money play on its servers.

The World Poker Tour had not officially commented on the hack as of the publishing of this article.

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