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Poker Players Alliance Joins Anti-Online Gambling Fight

US online poker interest group the Poker Players Alliance has voiced its opinion in the ongoing attempt by Sheldon Adelson's Coalition to Stop Online Gambling to ban all types of online gambling, urging players to take action to protect online poker by contacting their politicians.

The PPA issued the statement through their website after they were made aware that Adelson's lobbying group is urging individual state Attorney Generals to sign a letter calling for a ban on internet poker and other forms of cyber betting.

Speaking about the letter that is being pushed on the top law enforcement officials in each state, the PPA claims: "The letter is cleverly worded to sound like it merely seeks clarification of the scope of the Wire Act, but it is really in support of a proposed federal bill to expand the Wire Act to ban online poker and online casino style gaming nationally - the Internet Gambling Control Act. Fortunately, many attorneys general have not committed to sign this letter and we want to keep it that way."

The PPA goes on to urge players to take action by contacting their individual Attorney Generals to voice their opinion. "We have made it so easy," the PPA statement reads. "You can tell the AGs who have signed the letter to reconsider their position, and you can encourage those who have not signed the letter to continue supporting licensed and regulated Internet poker."

Punters interested in giving their local Attorney General an opinion can find out more information at: http://theppa.org/ag-letter/