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Nurse Sentenced To Jail For Online Gambling Crime

A former nurse in the UK was sentenced to 15 months in prison after she was found guilty of stealing bank cards of a dying patient in order to fuel an online gambling spree.

Rubilita Coggin was given the jail sentence by Judge Peter Bowers of the Teeside Crown Court, who said that the former nurse at the University Hospital of Hartlepool committed "particularly mean and despicable offenses".

Coggin stole the cards from an 87 year old patient who was under Coggin's care. The patient died two weeks after being admitted to the hospital, but Coggin continued to use the victim's bank cards for three months, wagering £5,000 during the time period.

During her spree, Coggin wagered between £10 and £600 each day. She deposited 168 times on two of the victim's bank cards. Her actions eventually caught up with her, as the patient's husband eventually noticed the charges on his bank statements.

The defendant gave no statement to the court, but openly wept as she was led away.