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Louisiana Police Raid Online Gambling Cafe

Police in the New Orleans suburb of Gretna announced that they have conducted a large scale raid on an internet gambling cafe, resulting in the arrest of two men and the seizure of many pieces of equipment related to the ring.

The raid took place on Wednesday morning, during which time Gretna Poilce found more than 100 computers being used to offer casino games within the cafe, as well as a stash of money and marijuana being stored on-site.

Those arrested in the raid were Jason Tomas and Manual Villagran, who both were taken into custody at their homes. A third man, Marshall Isso is still on the lamb.

Gretna Police Deputy Chief Anthony Christiana said that the cafe worked like many other sweepstakes cafes, wherein players would purchase a card with an access number and password. Players would then swipe their card at a computer and begin playing. That card could then used to cash out once play was completed.

"This is the first Internet cafe that has been raided in the state of Louisiana, to our knowledge," Gretna said.