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Louisiana Gaming Official Expects Online Gaming Bill To Be Introduced

The Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board told the Times-Picayune newspaper that he expects a bill to be introduced this year that would legalize online betting in his state.

Ronnie Jones, the LGCB's Chairman told the newspaper: "I suspect a bill will likely be introduced, but I can't confirm (this)."

Continuing his interview, Jones said: "The gaming board has no position on legalizing internet gaming. We're neither for it or against it. Only the legislature can change the law."

A move to legalize online betting in the Bayou State would reverse a 1997 law that outlawed online betting. Last year the state's politicians passed a measure to figure out the requirements that would be necessary to legalize cyber betting, as the state became aware of the positives that the industry could bring.

That resolution formed a task force who investigated online betting, who came up with the following recommendations:

  • Louisiana citizens must have trust and confidence that companies and individuals involved in internet gaming have been vetted and are suitable to handle their transactions.

  • There should be a state capability to detect violations of law, regulations and criminal activity.

  • Specialized regulatory compliance that can ensure the systems and programs operate in a consistent and fair manner are essential.

  • Safeguards to adequately prevent underage and problem gamblers are critical.

  • The technological nature of online gambling requires the services of specialized IT technicians, and security and auditing experts.