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CalvinAyre.com Claims Former Exec Instigated Bodog Raid

The website of Bodog founder Calvin Ayre is claiming that a former executive signed a false affidavit that led to a raid on Bodog's Manilla support center.

CalvinAyre.com published a story that reportedly claims that Jan Robert Gustafsson signed an affidavit where he swore that illegal gambling was being facilitated through Bodog's support center. The affidavit led to a raid which suspended the center's operations and led to the seizure of equipment. Thus far no charges have been levied against Bodog by the Filipino government.

The article goes on to state that the ability of Gustafsson to influence law enforcement authorities is "troubling" and hints that it could impact the group's future interests in-country.

"Companies are alarmed by the relative ease with which an alleged embezzler fired for incompetence managed to convince members of the legal system to stage a retaliatory raid on his former employer, the publication claims. Not all operators have Bodog Asia’s resources and thus might not be able to replace all their seized equipment on such short notice, leaving these operators unable to conduct business for an indeterminate period," the article claims.

"Discreet inquiries are now being made of other Asian jurisdictions as to which offer a safer harbor for company assets. Barring reassurances from the local government, companies are likely to institute a hiring freeze, possibly even make some precautionary belt-tightening measures."

The article also goes on to make some personal jabs at Gustafsson, with a picture portraying the former executive as urinating on the Philippines and opining that he will likely be getting a perjury charge for giving a false statement to authorities.

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