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Adelson Anti-Gambling Ally Appears On Bloomberg TV

Former New York Governor and current paid anti-gambling lobbyist George Pataki took to Bloomberg TV to speak his mind about why online gambling should be outlawed in the United States.

Speaking to the network's "Street Smart", Pataki said that online gambling could make money laundering more prevalent. The politician went on to state that FBI Deputy Assistant Director J. Britt Johnson wrote a letter to a US Congressman backing up that claim.

What Pataki left out was the fact that the letter also claims that land based casinos also heighten money laundering risks, and that his boss Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands casino group paid a $47.4 million settlement to federal authorities in order to quell a money laundering investigation.

During the interview, Pataki said, “The FBI has said definitively that sophisticated technologies can be employed by terrorist groups and criminal organizations to move money undetected, conceal their physical locations, and entangle unwitting online players. The FBI’s warning is part of a growing body of evidence that demonstrates how dangerous the expansion of Internet gambling will be."

The Governor wrapped up his interview by saying that Congress needs to protect American families and that politicians must "...restore the long-standing federal ban on all forms of Internet gambling.”