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South Korean Celebrities Given Light Sentence For Illegal Online Gambling

Two South Korean celebrities who plead guilty to illegal online gambling earlier this year were sentenced to pay small fines.

The three defendants who plead guilty were a celebrity known as Boom, comedian Yang Sehyung and boy band singer Andy, of the group Shinhwa. The boy band singer wagered 44 million Won (about £25,300), while Yang Sehyung gambled 26 million Won and Boom wagered 33 million Won.

Boom and Andy were sentenced to pay fines of 5 million Won each, while Yang Sehyung will pay a 3 million Won fine.

Three other celebrities were also charged with online gambling, but are fighting their cases. Those defendants are former H.O.T member Tony Ahn, comedian Lee Su Geun and actor Tak Jae-hoon. They will go to trial on December 6th.