Poll: Most Americans Want Online Gambling

This story was published more than 9 years ago.

A recent poll released by Reason-Rupe has revealed that 65% of US residents want to see online gambling legalized within their country, while 32% want to see the activity outlawed.

The poll shows a strong majority in favor of legalizing the act, with the following demographic breakdowns:

  • Independent voters with a Republican bias are more likely to favor legalized online poker, with 75% saying that the act should be legalized. Independents with a Democrat bias were most likely to be opposed with 58%.

  • Individuals identifying themselves as Republicans voted 66% in favor, Democrats 65%, and Independents came in at 68% approving of online gambling legalization.

  • When analyzed by education, those with a high school degree are the most opposed to online gambling legalization, with 41% saying that it should be outlawed (56% still want to see it legalized, though). College degree holders were the most likely to approve of legalization, with 73% approving.

  • Support for online gambling drops when age goes up, with only 56% of adults aged 55 or over approving of online gambling legalization, compared with 70% approval for those under 55.

Despite these high approval numbers, a number of federal regulation bills have stalled out in Congress, with two current bills heading nowhere. With the high number of approval though, one might wonder whether federal legalization and regulation of internet gambling is just a matter of time.

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