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New Jersey Online Gambling Brings In Huge Marketing Revenues

Legalized online betting in New Jersey has already proved to be quite profitable for advertising firms, as several media channels are reporting an influx of online betting marketing campaigns being purchased.

The rise in advertising is being seen in all traditional forms or marketing. Thus far punters in the region have seen online gambling ads on television, billboards, shopping malls, ferry terminals, and can be heard on several different radio stations.

Commenting on the ad blitz casino industry expert Donald Hoover said, "They are using every angle — every traditional media angle they can. They are spending a lot of money advertising."

The amount of advertising being purchased is not strictly limited to New Jersey, either. Many large radio and television stations in New York and Philadelphia are also being given a solid blanketing of the message that internet gambling is legal in New Jersey.

Internet betting advertising in the Garden State is likely to continue to grow well into next year, with major players such as Caesars Entertainment beginning their campaign in early 2014.

Thus far, more than 100,000 online betting accounts have been registered through licensed New Jersey online casinos.