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New Jersey Location Errors Now Down To Less Than 10%

The geolocation errors that falsely tell New Jersey residents that they are located outside virtual boundaries have been improved, with the false positive rate now sitting at roughly 10%, this according to officials working on casino geolocation software.

The exact number of errors for the soft launch have not been revealed, but the number has reportedly been improved due to adjustments by geolocation firms such as GeoComply. Nevada originally saw false positive rates of 25% when it initially launched its online poker with geolocation data.

GeoComply has identified many gamblers outside of New Jersey trying to get in on the action, with many of the punters hailing from New York or Philadelphia trying to squeeze in through the virtual fence.

In other New Jersey online gambling news, it is being reported that credit card payment processing is improving in the Garden State, with both Visa and MasterCard increasing the amounts of accepted virtual casino payments. Players having issues are encouraged to use a direct bank transfer, as these are much more likely to be accepted.

Overall, the launch of internet gambling in New Jersey seems to have gone quite well, with New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck saying: "There was definitely tension. At each of the casinos, there were 30, 40, 50 people working on this. On the first night, there were a lot of frowns, people looking to get through that first night. By Sunday night, I saw a lot more smiles. That's when I knew it was probably going to be OK."