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New Jersey Lawmaker Speaks Out Regarding PokerStars License Denial

A New Jersey politician has spoken out regardng the Garden State's denial of PokerStar's e-Gaming license application, calling the denial justified given the pending criminal indictment of the group's founder.

The statement came from New Jersey Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, who said: “This is the right thing to do for the integrity of New Jersey’s gaming industry. PokerStars has a sordid history of criminal accusations, and we cannot risk New Jersey’s reputation as a place where gaming is enforced diligently."

“New Jersey is known for rigorous standard licensing practices. To allow a company like this one to come into New Jersey would be an insult to everyone who has gone under scrutiny to work or do business in the casino industry over the last 30 years."

PokerStars was denied a gaming license by New Jersey earlier this month, as the Division of Gaming Enforcement cited an unresolved indictment of the group's founder Isai Scheinberg as a sticking point. Scheinberg is facing potential jail time due to his involvement in illegal online poker activities by his company in the United States prior to 2011.

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