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Two More Guilty Pleas In Celebrity Poker Ring

Two more men have plead guilty for their roles in orchestrating a high end illegal poker ring in US District Court, which involved several millionaires and celebrities... as well as some Russian mobsters.

Vadim and Eugene Trincher plead guilty to a racketeering conspiracy and illegal gambling charge respectively in front of Judge Jesse M. Furman. The pleas come just days after another chief defendant Helly Nahmad also struck a plea deal with US authorities (CL news story: Art Dealer Pleads Guilty To Organizing Celebrity Poker Ring ).

Vadim Trincher has agreed to forfeit cash and property worth $20 million to the US government in exchange for lesser charges, while his son Eugene was able to admit to just the single charge of illegal gambling.

Both men are scheduled to be sentenced on March 4th and March 20th, respectively, and will likely face a small prison sentence.

Casino Listings readers will remember that the federal government arrested 34 individuals in connection with this high-stakes gambling ring earlier this year, which reportedly brought in more than $100 million in wagers among several celebrities and wealthy people throughout the country.

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