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Online Sweepstakes Software Provider Pays $3.5 Million Settlement

A married couple who own an online sweepstakes betting software firm that provided the backbone of the Allied Veterans of America internet cafes has reached a settlement with the state of Oklahoma to the tune of $3.5 million dollars.

Chase and Kristin Burns, the owners of International Internet Technologies, came to the deal with Oklahoma attorneys who originally were seeking $7.7 million in damages related to charges of money laundering and providing illegal gambling software. As part of the arranged settlement, the couple will pay the fine but avoid being charged with crimes within their home state.

The Burns were among 57 people charged with helping operate the Allied Veterans of America internet sweepstakes in cafe, that was fraudulently operating as a charity. The business generated around $300 million in revenue before it was broken up early this year, and caused a political uproar when it was discovered that Florida' Lieutenant Governor was involved in the company. She later resigned her post.

$875,000 of the settlement will be used to help fund the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, with the rest being used to help prevent crime.