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New Jersey Online Gambling Soft Launch Going Rather Smoothly

The first 24 hours of legalized online betting in New Jersey has passed, with only small complaints from punters trickling in regarding the casinos' geolocation software.

Because New Jersey law requires punters to be located within the state's borders during gameplay, several geolocation firms have been tasked with making sure that players are indeed within the borders during this soft launch. In order to ensure that this law isn't being broken, many of the geolocation providers have put their boundaries in a bit, effectively locking out some gamblers in border towns such as Hoboken, which sits right across the river from New York City.

Speaking about the issue, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Spokeswoman Lisa Spengler said, "It is better to have instances of people in New Jersey being blocked, than instances of people being able to gamble from outside of New Jersey."

Spengler then went on to say that the issues will likely be worked out as the trial period continues.

On the casino side of things, many Atlantic City operators are reporting relatively smooth sailing, with most small glitches being attributed to the geolocation issue, or small credit card deposit related issues.

Speaking about the issues Borgata Senior Executive Joe Lupo said, "We are using the soft launch for exactly what it was intended for, to test and adjust."

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