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New Jersey Clarifies Online Betting Guidelines, Including Bonuses

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released an advisory guideline this week that spells out the rules of how an internet casino can dole out bonuses and promotions.

The specifications as to just how a casino can offer bonuses and the ways that players can pull their money out of the bonus early.

Some of the rules put forth in the document include:

  • Operators can offer bonuses with a cash-out restriction, commonly in the form of a wager through requirement. However, players must always be allowed to withdraw an amount equal to their original deposit where their accounts have a credit balance.

  • Once a player's account balance reaches zero, any bonus promo ends; in other words, operators may not carry forward the wager requirements to the next deposit by the player.

  • The operator may require that a customer's first bets come from his or her deposit before the casino's matching funds are wagered.

  • Players can abandon a promotional offer partway through, and cash out any initial deposit that remains in the player account.

  • Full operator disclosure on the terms and conditions of any promo or bonus must be made, including details of wagering and cash-out restrictions.

  • Operators may not impose a cap on winnings resulting from a bonus.

  • In the case of the New Jersey market opening, there will initially be a 30-day moratorium on wager based promotions, counted from the first day on which online gambling is available generally to punters within New Jersey's borders.

  • Operators who intend to offer such promotions must be able to domonstrate to the regulator that it has the administrative capability to to generate accurate revenue reports.

  • None of these online gambling restrictions will apply where the operator has associated the promo with its land gambling promotional offerings.

In other New Jersey online betting news, a Spokeswoman for the NJDGE announced that players taking part in the November 21st soft launch will be subject to time constraints.

Players will be limited to eight hours of real money play on November 21st and 22nd. Internet casinos will only be able to extend play between the hours of 6pm to 2am on these days, with hours extending to between 8am and midnight on November 23rd. The casinos will be open for business 24 hours a day beginning November 24th and 25th.

Casino Listings is keeping up to date with everything related to New Jersey's internet gambling launch, and will update this story as more details arise.