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Microgaming Poker Network Launches Achievements System

Isle of Man based poker software firm the Microgaming Poker Network has announced that they have released an achievements system for players, offering unique ways to reward players for internet poker play.

The new system will have various tasks that players will be recognized for, including:

  • Pimp My Client, which encourages new players to configure the MPN poker client to best suit them.

  • Chatterbox, which is awarded to players who socialize with their opponents at the table.

  • Cliché Collector, which goes to players who collect a series of iconic Hold'em hands.

  • All Rounder, which players receive for trying all poker variants.

  • Early Bird, for those players who start new tables and tournaments.

  • Live Wire, which is awarded to players who qualify for live events via the MPN.

  • Bing Blang Blaow, which requires no explanation for those players familiar with the popular meme.

Commenting on the launch of the achievements, Microgaming Head of Network Games Lydia Melton said, "Poker isn't just about winning money. It's also about challenging yourself and your friends and having fun doing it. Our new Achievements feature is about enhancing this aspect of poker."