AGA CEO Comes Out Again In Opposition To Sheldon Adelson

This story was published more than 10 years ago.

During a radio interview with "The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd", American Gaming Association Chief Executive Geoff Freeman once again came out in favor of internet gambling, opposing the stance of gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson for the second time in a week.

Freeman stated again that he feels that federal regulation is the solution to internet gambling, not prohibition. He said that he believes regulation will protect consumers much better, and noted that Americans will find a way to gamble online whether it is legal or not.

“Those opponents that want to pretend the Internet doesn’t exist, that we can squeeze the Internet back into the bottle, they’re behind the times,” Freeman said in the interview. Regulating this product is the best choice that we have if we want to protect consumers; if we want to ensure the integrity of the games; if we want to give law enforcement the tools that they need.”

Freeman went on to add that he feels the federal government should step up and mandate consumer protections for the online betting industry.

“It’s their responsibility. In the absence of the federal government stepping in, states are moving forward.”

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