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Study: Internet Gambling More Popular Than Movies, Football In Italy

A study conducted by the Observatory of Online Gaming at Milan Polytechnic reports that internet gambling is the second most preferred entertainment venue of Italians, beating out movies and football in the country.

The revelation states that last year Italians wagered more than €749 million on internet betting, which was more than double of what was spent at theaters, and three times more than what football stadiums brought in.

The study goes on to point out that the key demographic for internet betting in Italy is men from the central or southern regions, aged between 25 and 44 who plays casino games.

The growth of online gambling in Italy is widely attributed to the availability of internet capable smartphones and tablets. More than 20 million Italians have access to these devices, and with the recent introduction of mobile slot games, internet betting revenues can be expected to continue their growth.

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