Results Published From Australia's First Online Gambling Study

The results from Australia's first ever internet gambling addiction study have been published by Dr. Sally Gainsbury, noting that e-Gamers are more likely to become addicted to gambling than those who stick to land gambling.

The study surveyed 4,688 Australians and revealed that 30% of the respondents experienced a low to moderate risk of becoming addicted to gambling, compared to 15% of people who gamble in more traditional methods.

Low to moderate risks were defined in the study as spending more than what was intended at the casino, chasing your losses, and experiencing difficulty paying tradtional bills.

Gainsbury said that the survey was the first ever based solely on internet gambling within Australia. She went on to also claim that her research found that half of problem online punters developed their addictions after playing online.

Speaking about the increased risk of addiction while playing online, Gainsbury said: "When you're gambling online, because it's electronic, it doesn't have the same salience as having that $50 note in your hand. That's a massive increase because more than half of these started playing online from 2009 or later."

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