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Portugal May Reform Online Gambling Stance

Punters inside of Portugal may see a liberalization of the online gambling industry within their borders, as the government has founded an investigation group in order to potentially end the monopoly that the government currently sees.

The investigatory group will prepare a report that gives recommendations as to just how the country should regulate and license online gambling operators as well as comply with regulations set forth by the European Union. Other countries will also likely be studied by the group in order to discover the most efficient models of regulation.

The move would likely be a welcome one in Portugal, who has recently been struggling with debt issues as well as a poor economy. Internet gambling could likely generate a sizable amount of licensing and tax revenue. A study from a few years ago estimated that the country could bring in €250,000 in revenue.

Currently only Santa Case de Misericordia de Lisboa is the only company permitted to offer online gambling services to Portuguese residents.

Casino Listings news will update this story as Portugal's move to open the online gambling market progresses.