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Poll: US Voters In Four States Are Against Internet Gambling

A survey held by The Tarrance Group has revealed that voters in four US states are against internet gambling.

The survey was conducted by the group over telephone, and had 2,216 participants who reside in Kentucky, California. Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The poll revealed that:

  • Voters are largely “pro-gaming”, with 60% approving of their state allowing gaming to generate revenue for the state.

  • 53% have a positive view of land casinos with " Las Vegas style gaming"

  • Over 60% of voters in all four states, however, have a more negative view of internet gambling and poker. With the most resistance from Kentucky , followed by Virginia , California and Pennsylvania .

  • Over 50% of voters in all four states view internet gambling/poker differently to traditional land-based forms.

  • Kentucky and Virginia strongly support the current ban on internet gambling.

  • Voters from all four states oppose legalisation of internet gambling or internet poker by 60%, led by Virginia , then Pennsylvania , California and Kentucky.

The poll was commissioned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, whose Chief Executive Sheldon Adelson is a very outspoken critic against internet gambling.

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