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Man Robs Ladbrokes With Hammer, Turns Himself In

A 30 year old UK man was sentenced to three years in prison after he robbed a Southampton Ladbrokes retail outlet with a hammer, but later turned himself in to authorities after feeling guilty about the crime.

Michael Birch robbed the Ladbrokes outlet with a hammer, threatening an employee as he took cash out of a gambling machine as the shop was closing its doors for the day.

Birch ordered the employee to open a safe and ended up taking £1,637 in cash.

The defendant may have possibly gotten away with his robbery, but he began feeling guilty and turned himself in to authorities less than 24 hours after he pulled off the brazen crime.

Birch's lawyer Ximena Jones said that the robbery was done to help feed the defendant's gambling addiction, which began after a long term relationship went south.

While ordering Birch to the jail term Judge Henry said, "This is a serious offense without question, breaking into a premises, arming yourself and threatening someone and terrifying them, forcing them to hand over the money."

Birch was given a slightly lower sentence because of the fact that he turned himself in and admitted guilt.

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