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Florida Judge Dismisses Many Charges In Gambling Case

A judge in Florida has dismissed 50 money laundering charges against a man who has been charged with operating an illegal sweepstakes gambling cafe.

Judge Kenneth Lester dismissed 50 of the 100 total charges that the gambling cafe's owner Kelly Mathis is charged with. Mathis allegedly ran the gambling operation, which is estimated to have moved more than $300 million during its operation.

Mathis has plead not guilty, claiming that he did nothing wrong. His attorney also claim that he never owned, controlled, or managed the cafes, which offered sweepstakes and not online gambling. "He offered legal analysis, and the client could do what he wanted to do," Mathis' Attorney Mitch Stone said.

The dismissal of the charges came after Prosecutors rested their case against Mathis, whose lawyers requested that all charges be dropped against him.

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