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British Politicians Love Online Gambling

British newspaper The Daily Mail is reporting that UK politicians are apparently enamored with online gambling, as more than 700,000 online gambling visits are made from the parliament building every year.

The numbers reveal that online betting sites are accessed once every 45 minutes in parliament. In July, Bet365 recorded more than 17,000 hits from the premesis alone.

The computers accessing the betting sites are reportedly used by MPs and their staff.

The usage of the computers to bet online is being criticized by many, who claim that the time could be spent working, rather than betting online.

Robert Oxley of the TaxPayers Alliance is one of those who is opposed to the usage of the politicians, noting: "Those in Parliament should spend their time working, not trawling the net for a chance to bet the house."

While online gambling is certainly popular with politicians, it is hardly the only site visited by MPs. An adult website that helps set up affairs between married people was accessed 289 times per day on average. Facebook and Farmville also generates a large amount of traffic.