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Spain Reports Declining Online Gaming Profits

Spanish online gaming regulator La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego has released its second quarter 2013 financial results, noting lower turnover and gross gaming revenues.

Key financial indicators for the second quarter were:

  • Gross gaming revenue of €55.4 million, down 10% on the preceding quarter.

  • Turnover down 7% to €1.3 billion.

  • New player monthly average sign-ups down in the first half of 2013 from 176,000 to 126,000, although the regulator points out that at 1.42 million there was a fifteen percent improvement in the number of Q2 registered players compared with the previous quarter.

  • Average active monthly player numbers in H1-2013 down to 279,338 from 2012's second half of 407,162.

  • Online sports betting revenue off q-on-q 13% to €26.8 million.

  • Online poker revenue down to €16.4 million from the porevioius quarter's €17.9 million, with tournament's generating 12% less, and cash games down 7%.

  • Online casino revenue down 4% to €8.5 million.

  • Online bingo up at €1.8 million.

  • Sports betting contributed the lions share of revenues, claiming 48.4% of overall revenues.

  • Poker contributed 29.6%, divided between tournaments at 9.6% and cash games at 20%.

  • Casino gaming held 15%.

  • Bingo 3.2%.

A statement by the regulator read: “In the absence of more information to assess the possible seasonality impact, it can be concluded that, following strong growth of the online gambling market (both in terms of stakes, GGR and players) in the first months after regulation of the sector began in June 2012 which continued into the second half of 2012, the first and second quarter of 2013 have been marked by a reduction/stagnation of the online gambling market.”

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