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Police Arrest 43 In Shanghai Online Gambling Raid

Police in Shanghai, China have announced that they have conducted an online gambling raid, arresting 43 people in the process.

Authorities announced that they conducted the raid in the Baoshan District. 26 of those arrested were held by police, while 13 were given fines and 4 others were bailed out of jail.

Law enforcement was informed of the illegal activity by a gambler who claims he was held by the illegal gaming ring after accruing debts. The group itself is thought to have wagered 1.7 billion Yuan through online casinos, which is worth roughly $276 million.

The head of the ring is thought to be a married couple with the last name of Zhou, who drives a luxury car and recently received 3.73 million Yuan in one week... despite being unemployed. It is unknown what charges have been officially filed by the authorities or just what penalties those involved may face.