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Party Poker Software Update Glitches Repaired

A representative from online poker site Party Poker has taken to the internet to inform players that his company has fixed a series of glitches that coincided with a recent update.

The rep took to online poker forum twoplustwo, and tried to inform players of the repair. His firm had come under fire for releasing the faulty update, which caused the software to crash often and dole out a variety of error messages.

The posting in total read:

"A server upgrade was published this morning. It fixed some of the stability issues being experienced since last week’s launch. We have also released a client patch this afternoon which fixed the following bugs:

• Windows 8 crash on login

• Lobby crash on login

• All client freeze issues

• Broken web links in the client

• Lobby lag issue

• Feedback form loop crash

• Inter-Account Transfers

• Player notes

• Player table profile mouse over

Although we have not been posting here for a few days, we do monitor the thread daily. We have been focusing our efforts on addressing the technical issues some of you have been raising here and via our support channels.

We are also continuing to work on fixes to some other issues such as:

• $1K Points Bonus bug “Country/State is a mandatory field” error

• Resizing of fonts on table

• Chip stack font

• Instant hand history window not resizable

• Fast Forward not available on classic tables

• Various other client error messages

We will endeavor to keep you as up-to-date as possible with news on developments and client releases. Your continued feedback is very much appreciated!

Your suggestions and enhancement ideas are also valuable to us, and we consider them all seriously – such as a recent call to switch to 9-Seat MTT tables. We are going to review our position on this, and make a decision based on our findings. Feel free to let us know why you think 9 seater MTTs would be an improvement and we will include your feedback as part of our findings."

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