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Paddy Power Sponsors Dennis Rodman's North Korea Trip

Irish betting firm Paddy Power has stirred up a lot of publicity this week, as it was revealed that the company is sponsoring former NBA star Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea.

Rodman is making the visit to North Korea to visit the country's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, with whom Rodman is friends with. He arrived in Pyongyang with a Paddy Power shirt and cap.

Later in the day Paddy Power released a statement which read:

“Paddy Power has an existing relationship with basketball legend Dennis Rodman and is supporting him, at his request, in his mission of basketball diplomacy. In this regard, we have sought guidance and taken advice from International Crisis Group, a well-regarded NGO with an established track record in North Korea."

“Dennis will be hosting a press conference in New York on Monday September 9 on return from Pyongyang.”

The stunt by Rodman is not the first he has pulled in connection with Paddy Power. Earlier this year the Hall of Fame player traveled to Vatican City to sponsor a promotion by the firm on betting on the new Pope.

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