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Oil Executive Sentenced For Stealing To Gamble Online

A UK Executive Director for an oil company was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for stealing £231,000 in order to feed her online gambling habit.

Shelly Reilly was given the stiff sentence by Southwark Crown Court Judge David Higgins after she was found guilty of stealing the funds from her employer Scorpio UK over a ten month period. Reilly stole the money to gamble online, which she hoped would produce enough money to fund fertility treatment.

During her period of theft, Reilly used company credit cards to bet online, stealing more than £231,000 in the process. She was eventually caught when her late night gambling sessions caused her work performance to drop and an internal audit was launched.

Since her arrest, Reilly has repaid £63,000 of the money that she stole. £7,000 of that amount comes from money she won online.

Commenting on the case Judge Higgins said that the way Reilly acted in the matter was "deplorable and deeply anti-social" and that "the criminal conduct was premeditated, professionally planned, sustained, sophisticated and very serious".

Higgins added, "Above all, of course, it was a gross breach of the trust placed in you on repeated occasions".

Prosector Peter Zinner also commented on the case, saying: "Instead of the jackpot joy, it appears she ran up enormous and unsustainable losses which became completely out of control and she continued to gamble with a view to recover the losses and the losses mushroomed to that very high level."

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