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New Hampshire Republican: Bring Back The Wire Act

The Director of the new Hampshire Republican Leadership Institute is calling for the US Wire Act to be reinstated in order to outlaw online gambling, saying that internet betting is dangerous and is merely a way for states to raise tax revenues.

Andrew Hemingway made the charged statements through an op-ed article in the Nashua Telegraph. In his piece, Hemingway said that state level online gambling "....gives Gov. Hassan a new path to bring casino-style gambling to New Hampshire and repair the holes left in her budget by the Legislature’s refusal to approve a brick-and-mortar casino."

Hemingway went on to say that online gambling promotes unfair and underage gambling, and said that casinos merely provide an out for Democrats to plug budget holes in their budgets.

The Republican Director goes on to call for the Wire Act to be reinstated, and said that he hopes that New Hampshire politicians continue to block Governor Maggie Hassan's attempts to push through any gambling measures.

Showing perhaps a little bit of partisanship on the issue, Hemingway said that he hopes the US Congress stops "....the DOJ’s runaway legislating on the fly before more revenue-hungry blue states use expanded gambling as a quick fix to fill their coffers."