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Contractor Steals From Client To Do Drugs, Gamble Online

A man from Exeter, England has been sentenced to four months in jail after he plead guilty to stealing £22,528.33 from a client he agreed to do work for in order to purchase cocaine and gamble online.

Craig Scott (30) plead guilty to the theft, which is quite unusual in its scope. Scott and the client had agreed to a job, which would see Scott demolish part of a client's home. The job was funded with a deposit and was partially completed... until Scott disappeared with the deposit and did not finish the job.

Scott spent £2,000 on cocaine and the rest on internet gambling.

Speaking to Scott, Recorder Paul Derbyshire said, ”This was by any standards a cruel and unmerciful deception, not only on the Lewis family but also the other contractors who you hired and who were left without payment."

“You took more than £22,000 of Mr Lewis’ money and spent it on cocaine and gambling over a period of a very few days. The court must have regard to the victim personal statement."

“The effects have been disastrous and I have to consider the devastating effect this has had on the family.”

The homeowner also spoke in front of the court, saying: “Our house has lost value which means we can no longer borrow enough money to repair the damage he has done and build the extension."

Scott was sentenced to four months in jail as a result of this debacle.

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