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New Jersey Sets Responsible Gambling Amendments

New Jersey's online gambling law was amended last week to include a few anti-problem gambling measures, including the ability for players to set a wagering limit as well as time limits for real money play.

The new amendments are designed to help players set some boundaries in order to keep them from betting too much during an online gaming session.

The provisions include:

  • The ability for players to set wagering limits on their play, which must be respected by the casino offering the action.

  • The ability for players to impose a cap on the amount of money that they are allowed to deposit into their casino accounts. The number is somewhat flexible, allowing the player to decide whether he or she wants a restriction based on daily, weekly, or monthly deposits.

  • Time limits, which will allow players to play until they logout or let the clock expire. If the player is involved in a round of play or in a tournament, that player will be allowed to complete their game, even if the time limit had expired.