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New Jersey Senator Seeks Online Gaming Server Expansion

New Jersey State Senator James Whelan introduced a bill this week that would allow for operators to expand the locations in which online gaming providers could host their servers.

Whelan, who was once Atlantic City's Mayor, introduced the bill in an attempt to amend the current law which requires all e-Gaming servers to be hosted at an Atlantic City Casino.

“Existing law provides that equipment used in connection with the conduct of Internet gaming at Atlantic City casinos must be located at those casinos," Whelan said.

"This bill would permit such equipment to also be located at a facility within Atlantic City, other than a casino, that is secure, inaccessible to the public, and specifically designed to house that equipment, and where the equipment must be under the complete control of the casino licensee or its Internet gaming affiliate.”

The fact that the bill would still require the servers to be located in Atlantic City is due to the state's Constitution, which only permits gambling within the city limits.

Little to no opposition is expected to the amendment.

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