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New Jersey Governor Confident About Sports Betting Challenge

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke out about his state's challenge to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, saying he was confident that The Garden State would win its challenge and appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if needed.

Christie made the comments while he was being interviewed on a New York radio show. His state has challenged the federal law, which outlaws sports betting in all states except for Nevada, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon.

Speaking to the radio station, Christie said, “I think New Jersey is going to be victorious ultimately. There is no reason why Las Vegas should have a monopoly on sports gambling.”

New Jersey enacted sports betting legislation after its citizens voted in favor of the measure. The state has been met with opposition from the federal government as well as major sports leagues, who want to keep the clamps down on sports betting.

Thus far, things do not look good for the state. New Jersey has lost its initial attempt at overturning the law in court. Currently the case is set to be heard in an appellate court.