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Man Sentenced To Seven Years For Stealing To Gamble Online

A 38 year old IT Manager from Leeds, UK was sentenced to 7 years in prison after he plead guilty to committing fraud in order to gain funds to gamble online.

Jonathan Revill was sentenced to the prison term after he stole £18.9 million from the energy firm which he was employed by. Revill worked at the firm as an IT specialist and admitted to faking signatures to purchase £18.9 million which was used to purchase computer equipment. That equipment was then delivered to his home and sold in order to feed his gambling habit.

The defendant made a profit of £5.6 million from the stolen goods, much more than the £55,000 that he took home from his day job.

Revill's crimes were discovered by company auditors in May, after which Revill was charged with the crime. After being charged, he got bail and was back online, losing £20,000 days after his arraignment.

Commenting on the crime, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Griffin of the West Yorkshire Police said, “His actions have destroyed his life and affected a number of businesses. This case clearly highlights the very serious consequences of gambling addiction.”