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Internet Poker Player Loses $273,000 In 10 Minutes

Internet poker Ace Viktor Blom sustained a massive hit while playing at Full Tilt Poker this past weekend, losing $273,000 in just ten minutes.

Blom, whose Full Tilt alias is "Isildur1", took the beating courtesy of Alex "IReadYrSoul" and a player known as "KPR16". Millar ended up dominating Blom in a series of 40 rapid fire No Limit Hold 'Em hands. During this game one pot of a whopping $204,000 was won by Millar, handing Blom a whopping $273,000 loss total in just 10 minutes.

Blom then decided to move on to Omaha Eight or Better, where he ended up losing an additional $179,000. For the day he was down $236,000, which is rough when you consider that Blom had built a $400,000 bankroll that very same day.

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