Internet Betting Will Bring Jobs To Churchill Downs

Kentucky based betting firm Churchill Downs has announced that it will be adding up to 50 skilled workers to help manage its online gambling activities, a report in the Courier-Journal newspaper claims.

The company will be making the hires due in part to the fact that it was given $1 million in tax incentives to hire employees and expand its operations.

The new hires will make an average of just more than $168,480 per year based on a 40 hour work week with an average hourly salary of $81 per hour. Churchill Downs CEO Bob Evans said that the majority of the hires will be IT focused, and be dependent on the evolving political landscape regarding online gambling.

Churchill Downs currently offers online horse race betting, which is currently not covered by the United States' online gambling laws. The firm also has a Nevada online poker license, which it acquired just last month.

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