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Former Barclays Employee Sentenced In Online Gambling Fraud Case

A 29 year old UK woman was sentenced to two years in jail after pleading guilty to stealing £127,471 in order to feed her online gambling habit.

Julia Finney worked for Barclays Bank in England as a company official. For slightly more than three years, Finney stole the money from internal bank accounts to feed her online gambling addiction.

Speaking to Finney during her sentencing Recorder Richard Benson said: “This was a serious breach of trust and you used very sophisticated methods to continue thieving and covering your tracks. You have never really given an explanation as to why you did this other than your gambling habit."

“You tell the probation service you think there is a difference between stealing from customer accounts and stealing from the bank. But stealing is stealing. There is a common misconception that banks and business can survive when people look to steal from them.”

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