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Florida Attorney Wants Sweepstakes Gambling Charges Dropped

A Florida lawyer who has been charged with helping run an internet gambling cafe sweepstakes ring has requested that a judge throw out some of the charges against him.

Kelly Mathis requested that Judge Kenneth Lester dismiss 50 money laundering charges, saying that the money he made in the reputed ring was due to legal services he provided. The Judge has not made a decision on the motion.

Mathis was charged with the crimes as part of the Allied Veterans internet sweepstakes gambling ring. The scheme ran throughout several states and generated $300 million, little of which actually went to charity.

When the government caught wind of what was happening, it ended up arresting 57 people in the case and caused Florida's Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll to resign her post.

Those accused have fought back, saying that internet sweepstakes cafes do not constitute illegal gambling.

The first trials are set to begin next month.

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