Man Sentenced To Five Years For Betfair Scheme

A 26 year old man who dubbed himself "The King of Betfair" has been sentenced to five years in prison due to his involvement in a fraudulent betting system that was featured on the betting site.

Elliott Short was convicted of fraud after convincing others to invest £400,000 on a false betting system that he claimed to have invented. The defendant claimed that his system could yield high returns, but those wins never came about.

Among the lowlights of the crook's scheme included Short using the money he obtained to buy a luxury car, vacation overseas, and go out on the town in London. The man also lied to the News of the World newspaper, convincing the publication that he had won more than £21 million.

At his sentencing hearing, Judge Peter Testar said that Short had "lied shamefully through his teeth" while scamming the money from his several victims.

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