Intralot Launches Android App In Peru

Internet betting firm Intralot has announced that its Peruvian branch has announced that it has launched an Android app for the market, allowing players to bet on sporting events and bet on the lottery while on the go.

The move was announced by Intralot de Peru, with players being given the opportunity to play the games and reload their balances through a "Lotocard", which can be purchased at retailers across the country.

Commenting on the release, Intralot de Peru Virtual Channel Manager Milena Chavez Maggi said, “We started the development of our website and E-commerce with the launch of our mobile web version and now we have developed a native application for Android that is attractive, functional and very user - friendly. With these platforms we provide our customers with easy access to our products with the highest level of security, always complying with the highest international standards."

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