Tusk To Pay Out Small Amounts To Punters In June

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Players who are owed money by the Tusk Group are being given until June 5th to submit a claim for reimbursement, a total which will see only A$0.13 to A$0.16 paid back per dollar owed.

Players who have legitimate claims can email [email protected] to file their dispute with the firm's liquidator. A required form for the dispute can be found and downloaded at: http://www.ppbadvisory.com/uploads/i257-Tusk-report-to-creditors.pdf

Payments will start getting their funds back on July 21st, and to date 358 Proof of Debt forms have been filed. The Tusk Group is known to have 3,158 creditors, and currently has A$1.3 million that will be made available to pay creditor claims.

The process of paying those owed has been a long time coming for the Tusk Group. The firm initially went under in 2008, and liquidators revealed that not all the money owed by the group could be recovered. The site ran both poker and casino gaming websites and folded, leaving many players out large sums of money.

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