Sportsbet In Dispute With Australian Punter

This story was published more than 10 years ago.

Australia based betting site Sportsbet is currently in a legal dispute with a man who lives in Victoria due to allegations that the site reduced the punter's betting choices during a hot streak.

The punter, Robert MacMillan, is reportedly a successful sports better who went on a hot streak last year which resulted in him winning A$22,500. MacMillan is suing because he claims that he could have won up to A$35,000, but Sportsbet began restricting his betting choices.

The suit has been filed with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

In its formal response to the court, Sportsbet's lawyers claim that the site's terms and conditions allow the firm to restrict betting options to players, or to not allow their business at all.

The case could set a legal precedent for how punters are treated by betting operators and will likely be closely followed by those in the betting industry.

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