New York Gambling Ring Mastermind Granted $10 Million Bail

One of the defendants in a large US federal poker ring was granted $10 million bail by a federal judge and could be out of jail soon.

Vadim Trincher was granted the bail by Manhattan based Federal Judge Jesse Furman last week. The granting of the bail was controversial, as federal prosecutors allege that Trincher has money stored around the world which he could use if he were to leave the country.

The case made international headlines after it was revealed that Trincher may have laundered more than $50 million through shell companies and illegal poker games in order to fund organized crime activities. Trincher is one of the many well known names on a list that includes Bill Edler, John Hanson, and Molly Bloom.

If convicted of the charges, Trincher could face dozens of years in US federal prison.

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